The Step-by-Step Method

to Becoming Magnetically Attractive

to Your Soul-Centered Love

Starts January 8, 2024

Let’s Be Honest

There are about a million + 1 people out there who can teach you where and how to meet potential love partners, and/or how to set up the most compelling online dating profiles.

And there’s great value in learning all of that.

After all, if you want to have a real, flesh-and-blood love experience, you gotta get out of the house and meet people.

But every single day, sooooo many women set up mouth-watering dating profiles, meet sooooo many men and still end up disappointed, heartbroken and everything in between.


Well, setting up dating profiles, even meeting someone is NOT even close to the first step in attracting your dream relationship.

You’re scratching your head, right?

Of course you are. Because we’ve collectively chosen to accept that to start a love relationship, we first have to find an object for our affection.

Here’s the the commonly accepted process.

    1. We look for someone we find attractive.
    2. Then we find a way to get their attention.
    3. Then we do our damnedest to figure out how to be the one they want.

That process seems to rely almost exclusively on luck, rather than power.

It will ALWAYS be a losing proposition in love — or really, in any part of our lives.

Consider This

We live in a Universe in which everything is energy. (Just ask your local quantum physicist.)

Our energetic Universe runs on energetic mechanisms that keep it functioning.

… Just as our own physiological mechanisms keep our bodies functioning.

One of those mechanisms is all about matching “things” that are congruent.

Specifically, it drives vibrationally-like energies toward each other.

  • So, abundance attracts abundance.
  • Disrespect attracts disrespect.
  • Peace attracts peace.
  • Obligation attracts obligation.
  • Love attracts love.
  • And so on.

(You may recognize this as The Universal Law of Attraction.)

Here’s another way to think of it.

  • Abundance does not attract lack.
  • Disrespect does not attract respect.
  • Peace does not attract chaos.
  • Obligation does not attract freedom.
  • Love does not attract loathing.

This mechanism is always active.

It always works the same way for everyone and everything.

It never fails.

What’s that got to do with love?

Well, a love relationship literally starts with a match, doesn’t it?

Specifically, your own energetic state will attract potential partners whose energetic states are congruent to yours.

… Potential partners who match you.

So, what if you ...

  • Operate on the assumption that there aren’t enough good men out there?
  • Consistently treat yourself disrespectfully by putting your own needs on the back burner?
  • Are not at peace with who your are, right now, warts and all?
  • Do the things others expect you to do, even if you don’t enjoy doing them?
  • Behave as if you’re unlovable?

What energies might you attract into your love experiences?

Are those the energies you want to experience in love?

Want to attract the love of your wildest dreams?

… A love that would light you up inside?

… With a man who is perfect for you?

Start with creating the equivalent of that experience with yourself.

Then let the Universal “matching” mechanism deliver an external love, the quality of which will align perfectly with the quality of your self-love.

You don’t need to get better at loving someone else.

You need to get better at loving yourself.


The Step-by-Step Method

to Becoming Magnetically Attractive

to Your Soul-Centered Love

Starts January 8, 2024

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Here’s a Peek at What’s Inside

Week 1

Design Your Soul-Centered Love

  • Uncover specifically what you — not someone else — you want to experience in love.
  • Draw an actual blueprint so you’ll know it when you see it.

Week 2

Discover Your Soul-Level Identity

  • Explore your unique gifts that, when you express them in all your actions, will naturally create abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Uncover the energetic theme you incarnated to experience in this lifetime.
  • Develop a plan to incorporate more of your Divine Identity into your everyday existence.

Week 3

Root-out Potential Self-Sabotage

  • Learn to overcome resistance, from yourself and from others.
  • Uncover beliefs that are currently blocking you from experiencing what you truly want.
  • Begin systematically challenging and changing your beliefs.

Week 4

Set Ironclad Boundaries

  • Rise up and assert your personal power in everything you do.
  • Construct the boundaries necessary to creating what you want to experience. (People talk about boundaries all the time, but do you really know what they are?)
  • Create your boundary enforcement plan.

Week 5

Begin Showing-up Everywhere as Your True Self

  • Define how you’ll treat others going forward and how you’ll allow others to treat you.
  • Evaluate the roles you currently play
  • Redesign your roles to fit who you truly are.

What If You Could:

Ditch the pressure to find the right man?

… And focus on attracting the exact experience you want — with whomever you choose to share it?

Avoid wasting more and more time in trial-and-error mode?

… By implementing a proven method?

Gain the confidence and clarity to show up in the world as who you truly are?

… And never worry about whether others will approve?

That’s the EXACT Opportunity in Front of You Right Now


The Step-by-Step Method

to Becoming Magnetically Attractive

to Your Soul-Centered Love

Starts January 8, 2024

Introductory Price


Single Payment

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